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What Can Your Mouse Do For You?

You probably have a good basic knowledge of how to navigate your screen with a single or double-click, but we'd like to share a few more tips and tricks for your "handy" (see what we did there?) little accessory.

Double-clicking a word in a text file automatically selects the entire word. This is a handy function for formatting, copying or pasting said word.

Triple-clicking a word in a text file will automatically select the entire paragraph. This is once again useful for formatting etc. The old triple-click can also be used to select entire URLs in an address bar.

Right-clicking your desktop or application will bring up an options menu. On a desktop you will get personalization options, in a text document you will see formatting options and if you select a word in a web browser and then right click it, you can search it on a search engine.

Scrolling a scroll wheel on a mouse or moving two fingers up and down on a track pad will allow you to scroll up and down a page. In some applications, you can also pinch and retract on a touch pad to zoom.

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