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What is Reserve Storage for Your Operating System?

Did you know that your computer automatically sets aside 7 (or more) GB of storage space just in case space becomes scarce?

It is called "reserve storage" and it is set aside because when storage space is low your computer can stop functioning optimally. Updates can fail to download or install properly and then all those bug fixes, patches or updates that are supposed to keep your operating system working tickity boo... don't.

The storage space isn't just sitting there doing nothing though. When it is not being used for update files, the space will be used for temporary files, system caches and app data.

If you're not sure if your system is using reserve space, go into your settings (cog wheel) --> system --> storage then click "show more categories" and it will be bundled under "system & reserved". Click on "system & reserved" to see if there is a "Reserve" category allotted.

It is possible to disable this reserve, however if you choose to do so, we advise you have this done by a professional as editing the system registry (which is how this must be done) can cause major performance issues. The good news is, that rumor has it the new 2020 Windows Update will include a feature that will allow you to disable the reserve feature safely!

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