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What's in a Headset?

When you're building your gaming set-up you have quite a few accessories to think about. The bottom line is with any accessory, you want it to last and you want it to be comfortable.

Let's talk headsets. This is something you are going to be wearing for long periods of time so comfort should be one of your top considerations. Does is pinch anywhere? Does it actually fit around your head and ears? If you wear glasses do they interfere with your headset?

Second, how does it sound? Does it isolate subtle sounds well? Does it cancel out background noise? Again, fit will affect this. Your earpieces must create a good seal or you will miss out on some key ranges!

Finally, what quality is the mic? You'll want something that picks up your voice clearly so you won't have to repeat yourself multiple times to your fellow gamers. Try for adjustable mics - that extra inch or two can really make a difference in the clarity of your voice.

Still not sure what to look for? We can help!

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