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What to Do if your Game Won't Run

So you heard about a new game, waited patiently while it downloaded, fired it up.... crash. WTF??? Try again... crash. Enter frustration station. Sound familiar? What to do when a game won't run on your system? Here are a few things to check:

1. Check the minimum required specs for the game - this can usually be found on the site you purchased it from. If you don't know your system's specs, type "system information" in your start menu's search bar and have a look at the system summary and through the components menus. Be sure your computer meets the minimum requirements or it will not run properly.

2. Close any non-essential open programs that may be bogging down your system; depending on your system and the game, you may be pushing the limits of what your computer can do

3. Try pausing your antivirus software - not something we normally recommend, but at times your antivirus program can interfere with safe programs

4. Update drivers - type "check for updates" in your start menu's search bar and keep updating until it says everything is up to date

5. Run the game client as an administrator - right click on the client icon from your desktop or taskbar and select "run as administrator" then restart the game

6. Restart your computer - hey, you never know!

7. Call us

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