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What to do when you spill water on your laptop

If you have a long stint in front of a lap top, chances are you have some water, coffee or tea beside you. Chances are one day you do the unthinkable and knock that mug over. Or maybe you work beside a fish tank and one day that fish tank cracks... so what do you do when your laptop gets wet?

First things first: unplug it and find the fastest way to turn it off. Don't waste time trying to shut it down properly, just hold down the power button and get it done now.

Next: unplug any accessories that may be drawing power.

Then: take a towel, wipe up any excess moisture, open the laptop and place it face-down on an absorbent surface (like a towel) and allow it to drain for at least four hours.

Finally: take it to a computer repair shop, like Concept Computers. A technician can safely open your computer, assess the components for damage and ensure it is properly dried. THIS IS A CRUCIAL STEP! Turning on a computer that has moisture remaining in any component can cause further damage and data loss. Be sure it is ok'd by a professional before turning your machine on again.

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