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Why Are There So Many Different USB Ports?

Ever look at computer specs and notice there are two or even 3 different types of USB ports? Wondering what the difference is between a USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1? Wonder no more!

The USB 3.0 is the newer version of the two, by about 8 years and the 3.1 beats the 3.0 by another 6 years. A 3.0 is about 10 times faster than a 2.0, provides more power and conserves more power when necessary. Unlike a 2.0, a 3.0 USB can receive and transmit information at the same time, whereas the former can only do one at a time. A 3.0 connector is physically distinguishable from from the 2.0 in that it is coloured blue. The two are compatible if the receptacles match, but are limited to the speed of the slower one.

A 3.1 is the faster, slimmer version of the two that caters to newer slim devices. It is obviously physically distinguishable in size, is more than twice as fast as a 3.0 and can power almost any device. They are unfortunately not physically compatible with the 2.0 and 3.0 USB.

So now you know!

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