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Why is my Computer Slow?

Your computer used to be so fast... so why have you noticed it slowing down lately? Here are a few reasons we commonly find:

  1. Not enough memory - there are only so many tasks your computer can undertake before it gets bogged down. That includes programs you have open that are not using; each one uses its own chunk of memory. Or you may be performing some demanding tasks like video or image rendering, photoshopping, graphic design or gaming, which typically need a lot of memory to keep up with the demands of the program. Try shutting as many unnecessary windows as possible and see if it improves your computer's performance.

  2. Full drive - your drive space makes a difference to your computer's performance. In order to access files or save new ones, it needs to move files around, but if there is little to no space in which to do so, it creates a lag in performance. Try moving unnecessary data to an external drive or the cloud to free up some space.

  3. Virus/Malware - viruses and malware load unwanted programs or adware onto your computer, bogging it down. Always run a trusted antivirus program with a high detection rate. If you suspect you have a virus, bring your machine in. Virus removal can be complex and a headache if not done properly.

  4. Updates needed - software or operating system updates are crucial to your machine's performance. They provide the latest security updates and patches and help your computer "talk" more efficiently to peripherals like printers and routers.

  5. Reboot needed - computers need a reset once in a while, to clear its cache and install updates that have been downloaded. If not, they become overworked and bogged down. A reboot is often the best first "fix" to try.

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