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Yes, Macs get Viruses

Can Macs get viruses? You bet they can! It is a common misconception that Macs are immune, but this is an old and incorrect adage. PCs still comprise the majority of computer sales so it is not surprising that most viruses are written for them, but with the undeniable popularity of Macs these days we should also not be surprised that we see more and more of these baddies on our radar.

Here are a few of the top Mac viruses you should watch out for:

1. The Shlayer Trojan: this virus infects about 10% of Mac computers. It will cause your computer to run slower, produce unwanted pop-up ads and redirect you to disreputable websites. This malware is typically disguised as an Adobe Flash Player update and results in the misuse of private information.

2. Safari-get: a malware attack that invades your computer via a tech-support email. If you click the link, the virus will deploy causing either itunes or your mail application to open multiple windows thereby overloading your system and prompting you to call a fake tech support number. At this point the tech will ask you for credit card details.

3. OSX/MaMi: this one worms its way into your system via emails and pop-ups then proceeds to route your computer to servers where sensitive data can be intercepted. It can hijack your computer to perform commands, including mouse functions. You will notice redirects on your web browser or changed DNS settings if your system is infected.

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