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Another Buggy Update from Windows

Seen this lately? it could be due to yet another buggy Windows 10 update. The latest roll out, KB4556799 has been anecdotally a bit of a mess for some users.

Forums and social media pages have been wrought with complaints of:

- the blue screen of death

- reboot loops

- audio drivers missing

- troubleshooter not working

- some buttons in settings not working

- missing files

- impacted gaming performance

- broken web browsing

Interestingly, Microsoft has noted that these issues have not formally been reported to them, nor have they been able to recreate them. The issues seem to be affecting a handful of users in various ways, making the root cause difficult to nail down and fix.

The good news is, many users are fine (as of now). However, if you don't want to take the risk, or have noticed some strange behaviour, check your updates. If KB4556799 has been installed, uninstall it until the problem(s) has been identified and patched.

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