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Are You Thumb-Friendly?

You've probably heard of mobile-friendly navigation, but what do you know about thumb-friendly navigation?

There are over 3.4 BILLION smartphone users around the world, and what do so many of them do when they're bored? They scroll. Think about how you scroll. Do you use all your fingers? Your index finger? Take a moment to observe yourself the next time you are surfing the web on your mobile device. We're willing to be you do a lot with your thumbs.

Heat maps have tracked thumb use on mobile sites and found that the majority of right-handed users use the middle to bottom left side of the screen (see photo).

Using this heat map, mobile sites that place the menu, navigation bar and contact buttons in this area are rated with a higher user experience. Typically sites with high user experience receive higher conversion rates (ie. better sales).

Need a little help? We can do that!

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Photo credit: Nimit Dholakia on Dribbble

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