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Do You Mesh With Your Wifi?

The internet is a pretty integral part of most home or business computer system set-ups these days. If your home or business is like most, you're likely dealing with multiple devices and therefore a wifi network. But what do you do when your wifi can't reach everywhere in your space?

These wifi-less areas are called dead zones and they can be endlessly frustrating for both home and business patrons. Thankfully, with the increasing popularity of mobile devices there came the development of dead zone solutions.

The first is a router. Routers can be placed near dead zones HOWEVER, you may now have to deal with either multiple passwords or devices that don't connect to the best wifi provider.

Enter the mesh... mesh networks are an increasingly popular solution that uses "hubs" as access points which connect to the modem via a stronger frequency. This frequency doesn't use up the 2.4 or 5G connections your devices need.

Mesh networks, when placed in optimal positions can virtually eliminate dead zones. Need someone to help set it up with your computer system? Look no further.

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