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How to Improve Your SEO Rankings

Are your site's SEO rankings lacking? Here are some tips on how to improve those standings:

  1. Review your content: is it relevant? does it provide the information your potential clients are looking for? Does your written content contain enough keywords and longtail phrases and are they appropriately placed?

  2. Update: stale content slowly drops SEO rankings. A great way to improve this is with a blog or by consistently updating products, services or media.

  3. Check on your metadata: these are the titles and descriptions that pop up in search results. Be sure they specify exactly what the page is about and contain relevant keywords and phrases

  4. Do you even link, bro? Websites that link to other sites, have sites linked to it and link to other pages within the site have much better SEO standings than those that are not part of a web. Make connections in your community!

  5. Use alt tags: be sure that all your media has a text description. This helps search engines crawl even more content for relevant data and gives access to anyone using text-only browsers.

Need a little help? We can do that!

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