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Is This an Email Scam?

Email scam attempts happen all too often. Cyber criminals most often try to get you to enter personal or payment information that they can later use for their own purposes.

So how can you recognize an email scam? Here are a few things to watch out for:

- The email asks for you to enter personal or payment information (legitimate companies will never ask this!)

- The email uses a generic salutation (ex. dear customer or dear account holder)

- The "from" email address is not from the company domain (ex. - this is not paypal's domain)

- The email contains poor grammar and spelling

- The email contains a link to a website (this website may look legitimate, but it is likely not)

- The email contains an attachment (unless you are specifically requesting information that you know will be sent as an attachment, companies are not likely to do this)

- Link text doesn't match the link destination URL (this should NEVER happen with a legitimate email)

How can you prevent these emails? Increase your email security levels and have ONE good anti-virus program installed on your computer.

Think you may be a target for these emails or any other computer security threat? We can help!

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