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Passwords vs. PINs

Pin or password: Which should you choose and why?

A pin uses strictly numbers, whereas a password can contain numbers, letters and symbols. Given a 0-9 keypad, there are 10 billion possible numeric combinations for a pin, but with over 90 possible characters in password you're looking at 59,873,693,923,837,900,000 possible combinations for a password. You can also consider that most PINs are short and passwords tend to be long.

So in a nutshell, a password is more secure BUT consider where that added security is needed. Data is more vulnerable on the internet where passwords can be hacked; this is not where PINs are typically used. PINs are a safe option for devices (something you physically handle) and much more convenient for hand-held devices.

On Windows 10 devices for example, you are still required to set-up a password for cloud-based data but your hardware can be accessed via a PIN for convenience (although you are welcome to stick with a password).

One more time? Choose passwords for cloud-based protection and opt for the convenience of PINs for in-person devices.

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