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Summering with Your Laptop

Happy Solstice! Now that summer is officially here, you're probably thinking some sort of getaway. For many of us, these little excursions often come with the necessity to check in on work, or even entertain the littles and our computers get thrown in with the luggage.

Here are a few tips for travelling with your laptop:

1. Make sure you have an appropriate travel bag (laptop backpack) that is waterproof.

2. Keep important data on a flash drive and store it apart from your computer - if it gets stolen then you still have the important stuff!

3. Don't store personal information on a travel computer. If it gets stolen you risk someone exploiting your private details.

4. Back it up! Obvious? We think so but we provide data recovery services to a lot of people...

5. Don't take your computer travelling if you can't face losing it.

May your summer be full of adventures!

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