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Two Types of Hard Drive Crashes

The term "crashed hard drive" is used when your spinning hard drive is no longer able to read the data stored on the unit, and data must be recovered.

There are two types of crashed hard: a logical and physical.

A logical crash occurs when the data itself is no longer readable due to a software error or file corruption. In this case a recovery software can be used to make multiple attempts to read each file, which, while time-consuming can offer the best chance of recovering every readable bit of data.

A physical crash occurs when a component of the hard drive breaks. The data that is stored on the spinning metal disc usually remains in tact, but the mechanisms by which it is read (ie. the spinning device or reader) no longer functions. In this case, the hard drive must be sent to a special lab where the broken component(s) is replaced and physical function restored. This process can be tedious and expensive.

Regardless of the type of crash, data recovery requires a data recovery specialist. Enter Concept Computers.

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