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Website vs. Social Media - Do You Need Them Both?

Do you really need a website if you're active on social media? In a word: yes.

Social media and websites serve different, although very complimentary purposes. With social media, you are:

- connecting with your customers or potential customers and encouraging them to interact with your brand

- building your brand up

- sharing your content

- reaching new audiences with target audiences / demographics / regions

- often encouraging visits to your website

With a website you are:

- creating a business listing for your company

- providing information about your company

- providing your company's services and / or sales

- establishing credibility and social proof

Think about what you use social media for and how you search out businesses. In general, clients typically search out a desired business on the internet, visit their website for information and then like and follow them if they want to interact with their brand.

So both are highly valuable tools!

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