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What Is Two-factor Authentication and Do I Need It?

With the majority of life happening online these days, data breaches are unsurprisingly on the rise. To combat this, many online platforms have started requiring two-factor authentication. Why?

Passwords get hacked all the time. But two-factor authentication requires both a password and physical access to your phone, which is not something a hacker is likely to have.

Will you have to do this every time? Not likely, unless you consistently use a shared computer. If it is your personal computer that is used to access the service, you can mark it as trusted and two-factor authentication will only be requested if you log into the service from a new device.

It's an extra step that we highly recommend adding to your services to better protect yourself and your information.

If you work for an organization or have recently switched phone numbers, it is worth double-checking the phone number associated with your account. Once two-factor authentication is enabled, if you cannot verify yourself you may lose access to your account!

Need help enabling two-factor authentication on any of your services? We can do that!

Think your information may already have been compromised? Come see us!

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