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What's That Noise? And Other Hard Drive Questions...

A crashed hard drive is a big fear of any computer owner. There are a few signs you can watch out for so that you know when to take your machine in BEFORE the catastrophic data loss.

The biggest tell is noise. Yes, your hard drive will make some normal hums as its disk spins. It SHOULD NOT sound like a jet engine taking off, nor should you be hearing clicks, beeps, buzzing or grinding. You may also start to notice intermittent computer crashes, missing files or strange error messages. These may be infrequent at first, but they are signs that something bigger may lie ahead.

Keep in mind the age of your hard drive. Three to five years is a typical life span for a hard drive, depending on how much you use it. HOWEVER, sometimes you get the back luck of a dud right off the bat! It's better to be safe than sorry and have it checked out if you suspect something is up.

What to do? First and foremost: BACK IT UP! Always, regularly back your data up to the could or an external drive. If solid state is an option, go for it! The failure rate is lower and the life span is about double that of a spinning disc drive (ie. your hard drive). Next: take it to us!

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