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Go Dark

One of the most notable trends going into 2021 is dark mode. It's smart, simple, contrasty (that's a word) and has a few advantages to boot:

- Easier on the eyes: Dark mode reduces blue light and thereby eye strain, which can only benefit you because this means your users can easily spend more time on your site

- Better on battery life: Less light means less battery usage

- Greater accessibility to visually impaired users:

It is easier for users with visual impairments to see light text on a dark background, as opposed to dark text on a light background, so not only are you making your site more accessible, you are increasing your potential customers. Win-win!

- Greater contrast for essential documents: Dark mode provides excellent contrast so you can make those important elements that you want your users to pay attention to, stand out

This trend is not likely to go away any time soon, so it is a good facelift for your site.

Bonus tip: create an interactive site by making a light-to-dark toggle switch

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