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Http vs. Https - Which is Better and Why

What is HTTPS (vs. HTTP) and why should you use it?

When building a website, you want to ensure that your data, and any you receive is secure. This is especially important if you are dealing with sensitive information (i.e. personal client or payment information, passwords, confidential files etc.).

http(s) is the protocol by which information is sent between a web browser and a website. You will notice it at the start of a website address, for example: If a website uses https, Google also places a padlock icon to the left of the address to denote a secure site.

The acronym stands for hypertext transfer protocol (http) or hypertext transfer protocol secure (https). Not surprisingly, https is the more secure of the two. Https encrypts data, where http does not.

Https is also superior because Google gives secure sites a higher SEO ranking. Additionally, https sites typically have a shorter load time because unlike http, they can handle multiple requests at one time (ex. retrieving layouts, images, videos and ads).

So, which should you opt for when building and browsing sites? We think the answer is pretty obvious...

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