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What NOT to do When Building a Website

We often focus on the things you can do to make a great website, but you should also be aware of some of the things you should avoid.

So, what makes a bad website? Here are some of our top to-don'ts:

- complexity: your users want to get to your website and understand clearly how and where to go to get the information they are seeking, but if they land on your homepage and there is no intuitive menu, a mishmash of unrelated visuals and text, they are likely to lose patience and move on

- poor or lack of content: while minimalism is a hot trend these days, one can go too far - your website still should cover the basics and do so clearly. Be sure to have enough relevant visuals and basic headings so that clients know where to find what they are looking for, and then have the appropriate content to back those headings up!

- S-L-O-W site: almost 1/2 your site users will abandon ship if your content takes too long to load, and by too long we mean more than 3 seconds (that's not a lot). Be sure your site doesn't have too many large images or files, has clean code and doesn't use much flash

- not mobile-friendly: mobile devices account for the majority of web-browsing these days, so it is imperative that your site is optimized for it and thumb navigation!

- lack of or hidden contact information: in the end, you always want your clients to be able to contact you, giving you an opportunity to make that connection with them and hook them even more! But clients won't go on a hunt for your contact info; it must be present and clear on all pages.

Still need a little help? We can do that!

To speak to us about all your web design needs come see us in-store at 1257 Marine Drive in North Vancouver or phone 604-986-7680.

For more information about our web design services, visit

Concept Web Design is part of the Concept Computers family.

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